A few words from parents of our former or actual kids!



When our first born, Aaron reached the age of 18 months we decided it was time for him to have more social interaction with children his own age. From the time he was 4 months old he had been lovingly cared for in our home by a Russian nanny. The thought of trying to match that kind of love, care and genuine concern for his well being seemed like a daunting task.

Not knowing what our options were we started by calling the Child Care Council in our community. We learned that there were many choices available to us ranging from large institutional child care facilities to small in-the-home family day care settings. After reading literature describing the various options and giving it much thought, we decided that a smaller setting appealed to us. I was provided with a list of over a dozen different family day care providers and set bout calling and interviewing them over the phone.

I shall never forget my first conversation with the woman who would soon become not only our day care provider but also a dear friend. Ana Andrade of Wolf Pack Family Childcare had such a pleasant way about her over the phone. I was immediately put at ease while talking with her. She spoke of the children in day care much like a mother would talk about her own children. There was a real sense of genuine love for these 6 children who were put in her care 5 days a week. It was obvious that she was passionate about her role as a childcare provider and committed to the well being of these children. When she described the garden that they planted as a group every year I knew she was the right person.

Aaron started going to the Wolf Pack Childcare at 19 months and was still not speaking a word. Within the first week he began articulating words perfectly. Within the first month we were elated to watch Aaron blossom into a confident, outgoing boy, eager to interact with the children who had become not only his new friends but also an extension to his own family.

The beauty of a family day care setting is that it expands a child’s world in a way that is comfortable and not threatening. Having interaction with just 5 other children each day in a setting that has all the comforts of a home because it is a home, allows a child to gradually reach out to his peers without feeling overwhelmed. It is also a natural extension and compliment to the values being establish at home.

Thanks to Ana’s education and her integrity as a conscientious daycare provider Aaron has learned some of the more important tools that will carry him through the rest of his life. He has learned to be polite and use good manners. He knows the importance of fairness with his playmates and to share his toys. And at times when he forgets he knows the importance of saying “I’m sorry”. He experiences the sheer joy of learning through singing, reading, make believe and role playing with his friends.

Family Childcare has been so positive for us the we now send our 10 month old daughter to daycare with Aaron. To watch both our children experience the joys of growing in such a positive environment is very rewarding indeed.