Our program is based on giving our young kids every opportunity to explore the world around them.

We use art, music, language, hands-on-experiencing, make believe, cooking and have a lot of fun, while providing a very nurturing and warm environment where they can be sure of the love and care they are to receive.

Through bonding and the many opportunities available to them, the infants and toddlers we care for build self esteem and feel confident to face pre-school and kindergarten later on.

We take infants, as young as 8 weeks old, through 4 years old. Once they are ready we will be happy to direct them to one of the local pre-school centers where they will socialize with a larger group and be prepared for the very important transition to academics, which is kindergarten.

We attend to each child’s individual needs and we take great pleasure in helping them blossom and develop to become confident, caring and capable children.