ana-pixieRaised in Brazil, I have always praised my mother for putting her career on hold so that she could stay home with my sister, my brother and me. Her guidance and closeness were invaluable to us. Once I received my diploma as a pre-school and elementary teacher in 1981, I extended the same love and closeness to the children I taught. Love and care brought great response from those children and fulfillment to me. In 1983 I moved to California and in 1987 I received a BA in Fine Arts from Mills College. My first child was born in 1989 and the second one in 1991. I stayed home with my children for as long as I could. However, faced with a divorce in 1993, I had to make the very important decision of facing a career. Sharing the love and care I gave my own boys with other children was so natural to me that in 1994 I received my license as a Family Childcare Provider. With the help of my second husband Markus, and our boys, Rafael and Heimana, we have opened our home to many children and parents and have embraced many little ones as if they were family.

I have also been very involved in the local child care community. I have presented numerous workshops in the “Striving for Excellence Conference” in Marin County.

In addition I have recently received a certificate as a Mentor for Marin County from the Marin Child Care Council. As a mentor I am glad to extend all the knowledge I have received from the mentor program and all the experience I have acquired in so many years of working with children, to other child care providers in the community. I am the current President of the Marin Family Child Care Association and member of the Board of The Marin County Child Care Commission.